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 Artworks in Oil

HOLD THE LINE ~ A Tribute to Doctors, Nurses, and Caregivers

Hold The Line by Beti Kristof and A.D. Cook

During these several weeks, I couldn’t help but be moved by the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, first responders who have been pushing their own limits and who have taken the charge in an effort to hold the line in response to this global pandemic.

Like many, I watch the news, the updates- and try to stay current. And like many, I’m just trying to make sense of the chaos while trying to stay focused on what I can do.

  1. Stay home.

  2. Create a painting that depicts the bravery of our health care workers and might summons the strength and courage within us all to see these times through.

  3. In honoring the strong, tenacious and compassionate people who have taken a path to help heal others, who have put themselves on the line in order to make a difference on this planet...

God Bless You.
God bless this country and
God bless the people of the world.

Read my story.

Hold The Line by Beti Kristof and A.D. Cook

mixed media on canvas, 48" x 36" © 2020

Represented by 

Centaur Art Gallery - Las Vegas   702 737-1234

Conrad West Gallery - Las Vegas   702 802-0355

Thoughts of the Artist


A lifetime of creating started when I was four years old. I remember drawing people, well, they were stick people with eyebrows. I always remembered to add eyebrows. I also remember sharing that observation with my three-year-old friend.


Beti Kristof Art ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

As a life-long artist, great joy comes from time in the studio.
Canvas and paint take on a momentum of their own. As each day of life unfolds, so does the magic that is "art" which reveals a never ending story that delights the senses and evokes the imagination.
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