Artworks in Oil

 Zen Pond


Beti Kristof's painting, ZEN POND is an epic representation in oil of beauty and tranquility.


The original painting is available. Please ask about beautiful art canvas prints for you home or office in custom sizes.


Original on canvas, 36" x 72", 2016.


Represented by 

Centaur Art Gallery - Las Vegas

702 737-1234

Love Always


Whimsical mix-media hand sculptured fired clay piece, one-of-a-kind creation for a one-of-a-kind occasion, adorned with floral petals, flower blooms on a loving heart. 


Persephone and Polka Dot Shoes!


I'm excited to share that my creative collaboration with  Janice Marie Wilson and myself. Our book celebrates eighty art works of mine through a lifetime of painting. Our collaboration come together in an expressive and inspirational coffee table book filled with thoughts for the day, poetry and prose to engage the imagination.

Proud Member ~ Oil Painters of America

Dedicated to the preservation of representational Art.



Large format. 176 pages. Over 80 original artworks. Countless words of inspiration.

Only a few remaining in stock. 

For questions contact : 

Thoughts of the Artist


A lifetime of creating started when I was four years old. I remember drawing people, well, they were stick people with eyebrows. I always remembered to add eyebrows. I also remember sharing that observation with my three-year-old friend.


Beti Kristof Art ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

As a life-long artist, great joy comes from time in the studio.
Canvas and paint take on a momentum of their own. As each day of life unfolds, so does the magic that is "art" which reveals a never ending story that delights the senses and evokes the imagination.

© 2016 Beti-Kristof-Mohn, artist, Las Vegas. All artworks showcased on this site are © copyright Beti Kristof-Mohn. All rights reserved.


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Red Rock Concourse D' Elegance, Las Vegas was the inspiration for this painting of the Phantom II. Artist, Beti Kristof was drawn to its timeless beauty and reflections of its beautiful surroundings. "The luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom, represents an era of lavish elegance and fine craftsmanship. While painting at my easel I fantasized about wearing a gown, long gloves, buttery red lipstick and a fabulous stole, stepping into this magnificent carriage, mesmerized by its design and detail...