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My Art

Inspiration happens and when it does the heart races. The day becomes more vibrant, a reflection of light... mesmerizing.
A koi pond hypnotic. Inspiration can be a lone Tigerlily unexpectedly growing between the majestic Jeffrey pine on a forest trail. Inspiration comes from the courage to learn how to scuba dive in the South Pacific, even though you fear deep water and fish nibbling at your toes then forgetting those fears as you experience a sensation of what it's like to fly ...underwater. And inspiration may just happen as you are driving on the road, see a billboard to somewhere, then take the offramp to jump on the next flight to anywhere... Just because.
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© 2020 Beti-Kristof-Mohn, artist, Las Vegas. All artworks showcased on this site are © copyright Beti Kristof-Mohn. All rights reserved.


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